VIDEO: Zuhdi Jasser on how to separate mosque and state in the Arab Spring

Stephen Steinlight emails: See video. This is the courageous man all Americans, especially Americans who are Jews, need to support in the battle against the Jihadists within the United States. The fact is the “problem” we confront is Islam, classic unreformed Islam. There’s no way to avoid that conclusion. All the horrors of Jihadism/Islamism — literalism, supremacism, vile anti-Semitism that carries the expectation of the annihilation of all Jews at the “end of days,” misogyny, homophobia, the teaching of hatred towards and the command to perform violence against non-believers — are taken directly from the Qur’an. We are not talking about an aberrant form of Islam or “extremists hijacking Islam.” These are the rationalizations of liars and appeasers. We are talking about the essence of Islam. Zudhi Jasser and his new organization the Islamic American Leadership Coalition is seeking to begin the work of a Muslim Reformation where it is only possible, in the United States. As long as well-intentioned but ignorant liberal Christian and Jewish clergy “dialogue” with the established imams who can be counted upon to lie (lying to infidels, too, is sanctioned in the Qur’an) — all tied into the Muslim Brotherhood — or, even worse, representatives of such Muslim Brotherhood legacy organizations and enablers of hate and terroism such as CAIR, ICNA, ISNA, MPAC,NAIT, MSA, etc. they act as convenient idiots advancing brutal intolerance and the nightmare fantasy of Islamic world supremacy.

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