My New-Found Sexual Sobriety

Helpful emails: Dear Luke,

First of all, congratulations on your sexual sobriety. If you are going to make these sex addiction seminars a regular gig why not capitalize on the audience with some merchandise? No, not another boring book. I’m thinking along the lines of a talking vibrator like the one below. In stead of sexy talk it could be your voice talking the user out of their onastic desires.

Samples phrases you could record to sap their libidos:

“Shall I read from my autobiography, my sweet?”

“Hey, Rabbi Rabbs is in the area. Where’s my web cam?”

“What was my life like before the Alexander Technique transformed me? Well,… ”

“Actually, I prefer the ‘work man’s entrance.'”

And so on.

Pure genius! A sex toy to promote sexual sobriety.

Click here: My Little Secret Talking Head Vibrator in Action – YouTube

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I've written five books (see My work has been followed by the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and 60 Minutes. I teach Alexander Technique in Beverly Hills (
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