I Had Lunch At The Milky Way

It’s located next to Aish Ha Torah on Pico and Doheny.

It’s one of the few kosher restaurants where you can have a quiet conversation.

Steven Spielberg’s mom operates the place.

She showed me to my seat.

Then she came over later.

She made me feel at home.

She asked me what I did for a living.

"I’m a writer."

"You look like an artist. What do you write?"

"I write a blog."

"What’s a blog?" she asked.

"It’s a website. I write a website."

She doesn’t use email and she doesn’t have a cell phone.

I’ve only been there once before — took my shiksa girlfriend in 2003. Mom fussed over how beautiful she was.

The Milky Way used to be located on Beverly Drive where it didn’t do much business.

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