Sexy Professors At Beyond Baroque

I read this story at Beyond Baroque tonight in Venice for a show put on by my writing class. Six of us read stories, two of us sang songs.

We had some sexy professors in the audience. I just adore female attention.

I’m glad my voice was full and strong and rang throughout the building. It would’ve been horrible to have lost my voice while giving a talk on the Alexander Technique. What’s the point of the Technique if you can’t speak up and speak long?

I kept saying in my reading that I had trouble with the fundamental Alexander question, “What do you notice?”

Then I stopped and asked myself aloud, “What do you notice?”

“Well,” I answered, “I notice that my neck is free and my head is releasing forward and up. I sense some compression between my shoulder blades so I can let that go and think of my back lengthening and widening. My knees aren’t locked. I tip back a bit from my hips at times but I can remedy that by projecting my head forward and up.”

Afterward, I got the feedback that when I started speaking about the Alexander Technique, I came alive and my posture changed, becoming taller and more confident.

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