I Don’t Drink Or Smoke Or Lend My Bum To Other Blokes

I just read a great essay against vegetarianism.

I’m a life-long vegetarian. Not from conviction but from habit. It increasingly looks to me like vegetarianism is not healthy.

There are some things I was raised with that I just don’t want to let go. For instance, I don’t drink or smoke or lend my bum to other blokes.

That’s the result of my Seventh-Day Adventist heritage.

If I was stuck in a place where the only available food was meat, I’d rather starve for several days than eat it. I fear my gag reflex would kick in if I were to ever try meat.

I’ll drink a mouthful or two of wine for kiddush but that’s about it. I don’t like the taste of alcohol. And I don’t like the behavior of most people after they’ve had a couple of drinks.

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