American Jewish Life Magazine Closes

I had no idea there was an American Jewish Life magazine but I am glad whenever Benyamin Cohen falls on his face.

I could pretend to be all objective and just report the news but Cohen was my worst experience while compiling my American Jewish Journalism book.

When I wouldn’t change his transcript from "sucks" to "stinks," he went on an online jihad against me.

Matthue Roth writes:

 American Jewish Life closed its doors for the last time this past week. Asked for a reason, editor (and, ultimately, the sole full-time employee) Benyamin Cohen told the Forward that "[u]nfortunately, this is just not the right economy for a print publication," and that, effectively, print media is dead.

…With all due respect to the recently departed, it seems like there’s still a space in this world for some Jewish magazines — the O-inspired Jewish Woman magazine is doing a fair job on that corner of the market, and Heeb and Guilt and Pleasure aren’t showing any signs of going anywhere. Meanwhile, former editor Benyamin Cohen isn’t moping around at the gravesite; he’s already at work hyping his next project, the memoir My Jesus Year, will be released in October.

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