What If I’m Getting Close When It Comes Time For My Sex Addiction Meeting?

I see myself exploring the great indoors with a comely lass. We’re doing writing exercises and mutually supporting each other’s literary endeavors. We might even drink some Manischevitz, blow the shofar and discuss which yeshiva to send our kids.

Then the time rolls around for my 12-step meeting. What should I do? Should I break it off with the lady for my group share?

Talk about feeling impaled on the horns of a dilemma. It’s not easy being a moral leader while simultaneously cursed with an over-abundance of charisma and good looks.

Fred emails: This is a no brainer–If you get a chance to impale the young lady, do it. If anyone at the 12 step program asks, just say you fell off the wagon. Or that you were succumbing to a higher power.

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