Women Want Strong Men

I’ve met many enchanting women who were simply too strong for me. I couldn’t keep up with them. I think all healthy women want a man who’s stronger than her — stronger physically, psychologically, financially.

Dennis Prager says that what women want most is a man they can admire and that what a man wants most is to be admired by his woman.

One sign of strength is the ability to stand on your own two feet. A woman who doesn’t constantly demand your attention and approval is strong. A woman with a successful career or demanding interests is strong. She may be committed to her religion or to her charity work or to her family. These are good signs, unless she’s consistently putting them before you.

I demand to be the number one thing in my woman’s life. Not just the number one person — before her family, friends, and our children — but the number one thing — before her career, charities, hobbies, causes, pets, etc. If this is not possible, I’m out.

I hate to date women who own pets because their devotion to them will typically interfere with your relationship. She simply won’t be available much of the time because she has to walk her dog, take her cat to the vet, feed her parakeet, and play with her parrot.

The older women get, the more they accumulate pets, and the more difficult they are to date. That’s another reason why young women are best. They haven’t adopted so many men substitutes and thus are more open to the real thing.

Dating is the one thing that people get worse at the more they do of it. They accumulate so many layers of cynicism and hurt that it gets harder to reach their heart.

Women with dogs suck. It’ll likely mean they can’t stay overnight. They’re reluctant to go away for weekends. They’ll be so covered with doggie hair and slobber you won’t want to boff them. Their need for male energy is largely met by their dog and so they feel less need for you.

I had a friend. He was dating a woman with a dog. This dog had some issues, so she couldn’t drop it off for the weekend to a dog sitter. So the dog came along on their trip to Joshua Tree and the trip sucked because the dog had so many needs.

I met this hot chick in shul. I almost made out with her in the parking lot. She invited me over for an Oscar’s party. I got to lie on top of her for a few minutes. I was hot to trot.

One problem — she had several dogs and she had fleas.

I’ve never had a happy relationship with a woman who owned pets. Their needs typically came before mine.

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