The Best Insurance Bargain

When I first bought car insurance (it was in the summer of 1985), my State Farm agent Bernie recommended I get towing insurance. It cost about $15 a year.

With towing insurance, I get 100% of my towing expenses reimbursed.

Over the course of 20 years, I’ve needed a tow about ten times for a total cost of around $600, all of which has been reimbursed to me.

And I’ve not needed AAA.

I bought my first hotplate this morning. And a 12" aluminum pot. And right now I’m cooking split pea soup.

Now that I’m pre-diabetes, I’m going to have to cut starch out of my diet and start cooking a lot of beans.

This week I’m going to Google "pre-diabetes" and see what other changes I need to make to my life.

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