I Love HINT – Part Two

I’m in love — with HINT Water (www.drinkhint.com). Some context: I wrote about HINT last week, detailing my newfound interest in this popular brand of essence water, which contains no sugar and no artificial ingredients. Now, it takes a lot for me to write about a product; and it takes even more effort for me to find a store that carries said product – HINT is available at quite a number of retailers, thus negating any serious looking on my part – and to fork over money to regularly consume it. There is an obvious exception to this rule: if I love a product, I will do anything to maintain my passion for a specific brand. With HINT, my passion is real and intense for several reasons. First, the stuff is delicious. Period. Secondly, there are several flavors from which to choose. And finally, HINT does not – I repeat: does NOT – contain sugar, which means you won’t rot our teeth and/or ingest a bunch of junk. Creative, healthy and fun — that’s the HINT experience. I love it!

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