After Being Sued By Rochelle Krich’s Son Elie For Harassment, Marc J. Ventimiglia Tries To Clear His Name

I reported May 6 about the lawsuit by Elie Krich and some minor Krichs.

I also published (content later withdrawn from my blog) excerpts from an email alleging Ventimiglia to be a horrible person.

Today Marc J. (a production manager) emails me:

My attorneys will be in touch with you regarding the untrue statement(s) you have published that are written in a very vindictive, malicious way.  Don’t tell me you wrote it. I know Marcy’s style of writing.  But you have emailed and disclosed to me that you have written it yourself. 

Unbenounced to you and the others, I was fighting the charges in trial that I was framed & setup on during your run of the published blog words about me.  I am finished with the case and charges now with no convictions whatsoever.  Now I will begin my civil suits on a few matters that have displayed intent of damaging ones career and personal goals. 

I’m all for the 1st amendment and respect any & all journalism.  The “tone & false facts” account for approximately 90% of what you wrote.  Someone told that story to Marcy because they didn’t know if they could trust her or not for support.  Go back and re-read your publishing of me.   There are 3 sentences that are valid.  It’s one big laugh & joke to you and/or the other(s) affiliated with your posting of me.  We’ll see how much of a joke it is in the next few months when papers are filed.  I have all the printouts from the original posting and then the changes that were made and re-uploaded.  One would research and verify bold and potential damaging statements if & when written about an individual or company.  I learned that in first year of college. 

Try and enjoy your weekend.  I’ll look forward to tuning in to your chat room(s)  dialogue.

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