Dark Secrets Of The Opposite Sex

A caller to Dennis Prager’s radio show today, Michael, says: “Even though a wife will swear and claim she won’t do it, a wife will put the below adulthood children’s welfare above yours. Even though they may rationally know that is not a good idea, they can’t control themselves.”

Dennis seems to think it is the female inclination to put her children before her husband and she should fight that urge. The marriage should come first.

Dennis: “The instinct is universal. The culture today reinforces the instinct. It is a culture of helicopter parents, parents constantly hovering over the child.

“I grew up in a home where the parents put each other first.”

When Prager’s radio show producer Allen Estrin’s wife Susie gets mad at Allen, he sometimes tells her, “At least I’m not a cross-dresser.”

Dan calls. He told his wife: “You’re chasing the kids. The kids are chasing me. And I’m chasing you.”

According to a woman, when a couple fights, the best solution is for both partners to get completely naked.

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