My Shameful Social Climbing

I’m not at all happy with where I am in life. I want to climb higher.

I like the air where the elite hang out. I’ve had a few sniffs of it in my time (when I was traipsing along behind Cathy Seipp) and I want a lot more.

I like hanging out with the cognitive elite and I like calling them by their first names. Oh, look there, it’s Mickey [Kaus]! Oy, it’s my friend Matt [Welch]! Did Nick [Gillespie] come? Where’s Eugene [Volokh]? When’s Daniel [Pipes] getting here?

I’ve been friend requesting all these cool people on Facebook, even doing it to excess so that for a while there, Facebook wouldn’t let me friend any new people because I’ve been turned down so much.

Anyway, today I became Facebook friends with Eugene Volokh!

I wanted to title my post “My Shameless Social Climbing” but I realize I’m quite ashamed, at times, of what a climber I am. I haven’t done the hard work to hang out with these guys, but I want to stand on the balcony anyway and address the crowd.

On his own blog, the narcissist doesn’t know he’s a dog.

P.S. About a decade ago, after some of my more raunchy blogging, my mother said to me, “What am I supposed to say? ‘Oh, that Luke, he’s such a dog!'”

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