Finding Relief From Back Pain With Alexander Technique

NPR reports:

Research suggests an alternative therapy called Alexander Technique may be an effective way to treat back pain.

Rodriguez first tried massage, chiropractic, and powerful pain killers. But finding a remedy for back pain can be a lot like a guessing game.

He says it was only through Alexander Technique lessons that he trained his body to move in a way that eased his aching back. Alexander Technique is a series of posture lessons, devised by a 19th century Australian actor named F.M. Alexander who had troubles with chronic laryngitis whenever he performed.

“It’s a feeling of working with yourself from the inside out,” says Rodriguez. “If you know you’re twisting a certain way and using too much force, it’s easy enough to know, Let that go.”

In particular, Joe now holds himself differently during his solos because of Alexander Technique.

“I know that I can just sort of be on my sits bones, instead of a funny arch with my stomach pushed out or my back arched in some strange way,” says Rodriguez.

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