Should America Intervene In Libya?

On his radio show today, Dennis Prager said: “I don’t want any troops in Libya or anything like that. If the French president and the Arab League wants something done and the United States which has the Statue of Liberty doesn’t do anything after announcing March 3 that Khaddafy should go, we’re not going to be taken seriously as a force.

“The president doesn’t want to be taken seriously as a force. He wants the UN to be taken seriously. Hillary Clinton announced that we won’t do anything without international authorization. She means United Nations. This president does not believe we’re exceptional. Therefore we don’t have exceptional responsibilities. If you don’t believe in American exceptionalism, you don’t believe in exceptional American responsibilities in the world.

“The Left doesn’t care about the cheapening of the American dollar.

“We have three massive sources of power on earth — military, economic and moral. The moral has been ceded to the United Nations. The economic has been given up because equality is more important.”

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