Lindsay Lohan Turns The Perp Walk Into The Runway Strut?

Did she learn this from kabbalah?

The New York Times reports:

THE movie offers may not be rolling in these days, but Lindsay Lohan is camera-ready and intent, it seems, on parlaying the traditional walk of shame en route to court into an image-boosting stroll of fame. In recent months her courtroom outfits — a succession of cleavage-baring shirts and clingy frocks — seem to have been deftly engineered to keep Ms. Lohan front and center in the minds of her fans.

Headed to a Los Angeles courtroom on March 10, where she rejected a plea deal on a charge of felony grand theft, the actress trod a fine line between propriety and provocation, squeezing her frame into a buff-colored dress that clung to her curves like a seaweed wrap. She might have been striding a catwalk, so avidly was her wardrobe scrutinized in the tabloids and by fashion bloggers who rushed to report on her $725 leather frock, designed by Raquel Allegra, her mock-croc pumps and the $2,200 Judith Ripka diamond pendant that she wore like a talisman.

But her look was demure compared with the curve-clutching, thigh-high dress she wore to court in February, a white sheath so steamy it raised questions as to whether Ms. Lohan would cross and uncross her legs as she was questioned in an evident homage to Sharon Stone’s lurid star turn in the movie “Basic Instinct.”

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