Ching chong ling long ting tong – Blonde Chick Complains About Noisy Asians In UCLA Library

Watch the whole show:

The UCLA Daily Bruin reports.

Greg Leake emails: Hi Luke,

I’m with you and Rabbs. I believe Alexandra Wallace is being discriminated against because she’s cute, white, and has the temerity to believe that UCLA is her school as a Californian.

Her only real point was the need for UCLA to enforce relative silence in the library where presumably people are making a real attempt to concentrate on their work. It is outrageous that UCLA would put multi-culturalism above scholarship on its hierarchy of values. In a sane world the dean would have immediately investigated and called for a rule insisting people take their telephone calls outside.

My view is if an Oriental or a student of some other ethnicity had complained, there would not have been much made of it. But since she is white, it is apparently open season even including threats on her life. A small amount of insensitivity by a suburban college girl when referring to Asians is an insignificant matter compared to the issues that she brings up about UCLA’s atrocious lack of policing against noise pollution in its library. One wonders why alumni would continue to support a university with such indifference.

My suggestion to Ms. Wallace is to transfer to the University of Texas. She would be just as popular, would have more support, and in Texas when people’s lives are threatened, we shoot back.

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