Leah Kleim’s Tantrum In The Monsey Snow

From my live cam:

KhunDiddy:   the usual turgid tunes are being played at The Hovel…

RussianDragon:  it’s so sweet and sticky

palestine4ever:  I can perfectly imagine Luke cutting a woman up with a hacksaw as he listens to this song

KhunDiddy:  this is great music to listen to just before putting the gun to your head

ImoralFollower [Leah Kleim]:  its perfect suicide music !

ImoralFollower [Leah Kleim]:  and the cops come in and the record is skipping

palestine4ever:  Unpleasant Surprise of the Day: jewfaq.org is dedicated to explaining Judaism rather than denouncing it.

ImoralFollower [Leah Kleim]:  and then they prononce you dead

SweetCreamAndStrawberries:  no they first unbutton your shirt

SweetCreamAndStrawberries:  than they bag you up

ImoralFollower [Leah Kleim]:  a f**king hatzola in monsey did that to me !

ImoralFollower [Leah Kleim]:  they cut my f**king shirt open and bagged me, i was freezing or some crap

palestine4ever:  It’s kind of sad when you get excited by the mistaken belief it might be a Jim Croce song

KhunDiddy:  bagged you?

palestine4ever:  I mean, Jim Croce is bad enough, but to hope for Jim Croce is madness.

ImoralFollower [Leah Kleim]:  yeah put me in plastic bags to bring my body temp up

KhunDiddy:  all we need is Hotel california and I’m signing off

palestine4ever:  Is this a Jewish thing?

KhunDiddy:  whay was your body temp down?

ImoralFollower [Leah Kleim]:  and went through my pockets, took my cell, and the memory sticks [USB memory direct] I had on me

ImoralFollower [Leah Kleim]:  because i threw a tantrum in the snow in the bitter cold with a button down and pair of slacks on, and almost froze to death

KhunDiddy:  or were you listening to this crap for an extended period

palestine4ever:  Leah, why were people putting you in plastic bags and stealing your property?

ImoralFollower [Leah Kleim]:  becausre i was freezing to death, they were bringing my body temp up, stealing my s**t, because they were frum scum bags

palestine4ever:  Leah, would you consider yourself the survivor of an extremist sect or merely rotten people?

palestine4ever:  Luke = the death of irony in Australian form.

KhunDiddy:  this is John Denver….does anyone know what John Denver’s last words were…I do…they were "Ohhhhhh! s**t"

palestine4ever:  I thought they were "What does the red button do?"

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