Conversion Controversy Discussion

Rabbi Yitzhock Adlerstein writes:

Conversion-controversy junkies will have an opportunity to participate in a live, interactive webcast on the topic this coming Tuesday evening, through some really cool technology. Those whose comments have been edited can get their revenge :-)

The Conversion Crisis:

Tuesday June 3, 9:30pm Eastern

In light of the recent ruling regarding thousands of converts Torah in Motion will be hosting an online discussion on the crisis with

Rabbi Yitzchak Adlerstein, member of the beit din l’giyur of the Rabbinical Council of California

Rabbi Seth Farber, Founder and Director, ITIM:The Jewish life information Center.

Rabbi Barry Freundel, Head of the Gerut Commission of the Rabbinic Council of America

Rabbi Benny Lau, Director Beit Morasha

This program will be broadcast via the e-TiM network which provides the unique experience of seeing, hearing, and participating in real time,

All you need to participate is a computer with a high speed internet connection and you will Experience Torah like Never Before

Register at

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