Who’s To Blame For The Barbaric State Of The Arab-Islamic World?

On his radio show yesterday, Dennis Prager said: “Fascinating that we have heard of no reports of demonstrations in Syria. It gives you an idea of how effective the totalitarian state is. Even Iran has had massive demonstrations.

“When one looks at that part of the world, what do people blame for the lack of elementary liberty and rights on? It’s an important question and everyone who cares about the world ought to think about it. Ironically, if you care for Arabs, you have to think about it. What has prevented the development of human rights in virtually the entire Arab world and parts of the Muslim world outside of it?

“If you say colonialism, a lie that is so large that the only question I have with regard to it is — do you really believe it?

“India was colonialized for about 1,300 years. A thousand years by Muslims and about a hundred by the British. How come India developed into a full-functioning democracy?

“Pakistan is the perfect parallel to India. It was part of India. It has the same history. So look at Pakistan and look at India in the development of human rights. The legal community in Pakistan is for blasphemy laws. The young lawyers have banded together in Pakistan demanding that the blasphemy laws of the country of Pakistan remain in power. That means the right to jail and kill anybody deemed to have insulted Islam or Mohammed or anything that disturbs any Muslim that is said by a non-Muslim.

“How is it possible for anyone outside a religion to blaspheme that religion?”

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