How To Spot Eating Disorders In Your Home

I’ve learned to my chagrin that eating disorders are increasingly present in the Orthodox community, though at a much lower rate than in the secular world.

I heard one theory I found fascinating — an eating disorder is often a desire to avoid growing up.

From a new book:

# Understand the illness you are dealing with (page 19)
# Differentiate the different types of Eating Disorders (page 23)
# How best to recover from the shock of finding out about your girl’s Eating Disorder (page 26)
# How to talk to your suffering daughter (page 32)
# How Dad can positively contribute to treatment and healing, and support your child (page 127)
# Understanding the risks and long-term effects of untreated Anorexia or Bulimia (page 35)
# Why Eating Disorders strike (page 49)
# Who is affected by Anorexia and Bulimia, and how to deal with it (page 50)
# Identifying the early warning signs of Eating Disorders (page 28)
# The questions to ask Medical Specialists (page 77)
# What your Doctor can do to help (page 78)
# When clinic treatment is required (page 88)
# How a dietitian can help restore some balance (page 80)
# Getting to the bottom of the causes and stress underlying your daughter’s illness (page 55)
# Explanations of specific treatments (page 90)
# An Action Plan for at-home treatment (page 112)
# How to communicate with your daughter while fighting the illness (page 143)
# How to demonstrate your love at every opportunity (page 127, 137 )
# What not to say when dealing with Anorexia and Bulimia (page 144)
# What makes a Hero Dad (page 135)
# Avoiding the tricks and pitfalls of Anorexia’s evil ‘cheats’ (page 163)
# Looking after yourself and your sanity during the illness (page 180)
# Show you how to plan and manage a positive approach to Eating Disorders at home (page 114)
# Find treatment for the illness best suited to your individual situation (page 90)
# Avoid the pitfalls of relying on GPs and the public hospital system (page 78)
# Prevent your family from being consumed by the illness too (page 191)
# Ultimately, save your daughter’s life! Click Here!

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