The News Media’s Nuclear Meltdown


Monday, March 14, 2011 Radio Show
20110314 – 01 Disaster Japan
Prager H1: The earthquake on Friday in Japan is a tragedy of historic proportions on many levels… Dennis talks to William Tucker, author of Terrestrial Energy: How Nuclear Energy Will Lead the Green Revolution and End America’s Energy Odyssey about the situation at Japan’s damaged nuclear power plant. This is an old style nuke plant and it appears to have held under the worst possible conditions. Of course, the NY Times raises the worst case scenario as if it’s imminent… A family – mother, father, two young children and a six-month-old infant — was slaughtered in Israel, brutally stabbed to death by Palestinian terrorists. There is a tsunami of Jew-hatred in the Arab world…

Monday, March 14, 2011 Radio Show
20110314 – 02 Meltdown
Prager H2: The real meltdown regarding Japan’s nuclear plants is in the media. Dennis talks to Jack Spencer, energy expert for the Heritage Foundation, about the danger presented by a possible meltdown… Congressman Keith Ellison broke down in tears at the Peter King hearings last week as he told the story of a maligned Muslim who turned out to be a 9/11 hero. But was his reporting of the story accurate? One should draw exactly the opposite lesson from this story that Ellison does, i.e., America quickly self corrects and celebrates its heroes, no matter what their religion or background. But to do that would be to contradict the Left’s vision, Ellison’s vision of this country.

Monday, March 14, 2011 Radio Show
20110314 – 03 Debt Supercycle
Prager H3: Dennis talks to John Mauldin, renowned financial expert and analyst. His free weekly e-newsletter, Thoughts from the Frontline, has over a million subscribers. His new book, already a best seller, is Endgame: The End of the Debt SuperCycle and How It Changes Everything… Dennis talks to Greg Beroza, Professor of Geophysics at Stanford about the geological repercussions of the Japan earthquake.

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