San Fernando Valley Jewish Vigilantes Threatening To Form Committees

Disco Duck emails:


I have two things to share. First is that on the first night of Pesach this year my family was assaulted by anti-Semites on the way home from a Seder at 3:30 AM. These punks drove by and deliberately slowed down along side my walking family to throw empty beer bottles at us. The lessons to be learned are many such us Antisemitism is alive and well… The next thing is that in response to an increase in Anti-Semitic attacks in the SFV some men in the local Jewish community are starting to form a "jewish neighborhood watch group" called Valley Mishmar. The website is

This group is designed to be similar to Shomrim & Shmira in NYC. It will work closely with local police (LAPD) to patrol and report crimes or suspicious activity in the Jewish areas of the SFV. It will also be less of a vigilante group like the groups in NY. This group is long overdue. If anyone can help monetarily or otherwise please visit the site and do what you can.

Valley Mishmar is not a vigilante group. We would report crimes or suspicious activity quickly to the LAPD so they can deal with it. We would be in radio contact with them to expedite the process. We wouldn’t get involved with fighting crime like the NYC groups do. Trust me the local police can use the extra set of eyes. Another goal of Valley Mishmar is to provide education to the local SFV frum community about safety such as not walking alone at night which too many people do. The last goal is to provide walki9ng escorts to and from shul for the elderly, mothers and children. Strength in numbers deters most cowardly criminals form doing anything.

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