Why Do Guys Hold Back?

On Dennis Prager’s radio show today, Dennis said: “I define a close friend as someone to whom you open up. Someone to whom you can say anything.

“Whatever you hold back is a gulf. The only reason that people do not say everything is fear that saying it will alienate that person. There’s a lack of trust.

“What stops you from having such a friend?”

A caller named Richard said: “From a male point of view, holding back a bit keeps a person from being vulnerable. When they do open up, they feel like they are showing their cards on the poker table. That’s why guys hold back.”

“If you were to open up to a friend on politics and there was a doubt that that could get out and it could hurt your business…”

“It’s innately in our male genes to be defensive and protective and to keep ourselves well armed.”

Dennis: “I don’t identify vulnerable with weak.”

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