Massive Earthquake, Tsunami In Japan

On his radio show March 11, 2011, Dennis said about the 1994 Northridge earthquake: “That was unbelievably jolting. I’ve been through a lot of earthquakes living in Southern California but that one was scary and I don’t get scared easy. That shook my house to its foundations. I thought the house was going to fall down.

“For those of you who have never experienced an earthquake, one of the worst aspects is the sound.”

“Peter King of New York had this one-day hearing on domestic terrorism. He had people from every angle speak.”

“It’s a very responsible question that many Muslims acknowledge — how do you explain the radicalization of some American Muslims who attend a mosque and hear hateful things about the United States and their parents don’t understand what’s happened to them. The Muslim parents of one terrorist wanted to know where did my child pick this up.”


Friday, March 11, 2011 Radio Show
20110311 – 01 Eight Point Nine
Prager H1: A monster 8.9 earthquake hit northern Japan last night. Hundreds, maybe thousands have been killed as a massive tsunami swept into coastal cities… Dennis talks to John Vidale, Director of Pacific Northwest Seismic Network about what 8.9 quake means and what the risks are to the US… Governor Scott Walker won the battle in Wisconsin, but can Republicans win the war to curb public service unions?… Congressional hearings on domestic terror threat posed by radicalized Muslims lasted all of one day, but one day was enough to throws Democrats into a “McCarthy” accusing hysteria. Why?

Friday, March 11, 2011 Radio Show
20110311 – 02 Happiness Hour: Friends
Prager H2: Dennis revisits the issue of the importance of friends to happiness. Ideally, your best friend is your spouse, but we need same sex friends outside of marriage, too. Are you afraid to open up to friends? If so, why?

Friday, March 11, 2011 Radio Show
20110311 – 03 Open Lines
Prager H3: Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: why do we assume actors are liberal; why doesn’t anyone say “you’re welcome” anymore; is bullying a really a consequence of secularism; are most white collar criminals religious; should drugs be legalized.

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