Orthodox Jews Have Their Own Language

Heshy Fried — the most consistently amusing Jewish blogger — writes: Orthodox Jews have their own language, some call it yinglish, but we really add English, Yiddish, Hebrew, Aramaic and random terms from the Torah into out lingo. Where else can you find a people that adds an improper word like “dick” to change the meaning of a word. Below are the most famous possibilities, but I’m sure there are more – there has got to be more and I hope you will tell me/us what they are.

shabbosdik – not nice for shabbos, wearing that shirt is not shabbosdik

gayvadik – someone who is really haughty

yuntiffdik – not proper for yuntiff, riding a bike may be allowed, but it’s not yuntiffdik

gevaldik – the chasunah was amazing – gevaldik!

Leibadik – the dancing at the chasunah was really leibadik, the rosh yeshiva even got into it.

Pesachdik – do you have pesachdik dishes?

chutzpahdik – that child is so chutzpahdik, she doesn’t know how to talk to teachers.

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