‘Countersinning: How to Practice Jew-Jitsu on the Devil’

A young man came into my chat room seeking moral leadership.

He lives in West Virginia with his friend and his wife. The Mrs. has been coming on to him.

What should he do?

In the short term, he should practice onanism, thus using one sin to fight another.

In the long run, he should move out.

guest105:  i need help
guest103:  luke is here for all your needs
guest105:  ?????????????
guest103:  wants & desires
guest105:  desires is my problem
YourMoralLeader:  tell me more
guest105:  i want my best friends wife
guest103:  do not act on  your desires & you won’t have any problems
ChaimAmalek:  Does she want you?
guest105:  yes has came to me
guest105:  on to me
ChaimAmalek:  Avoid her
guest103:  remember the 10 commandments  – though shall not covet….
guest105:  that’s not easy
ChaimAmalek:  Also, what sort of woman is willing to cheat on her husband’s best friend?
guest105:  we all live togeather
ChaimAmalek:  If she wants some on the side, she should seek solace in Craigslist.
ChaimAmalek:  How is it that you all live together?
guest103:  or seek it in craig
guest105:  we share a aptment
ChaimAmalek:  Where is this?
ChaimAmalek:  Are you all post-collegiate types?
guest105:  point pleasant west virginia
guest103:  & not post-sexual
ChaimAmalek:  Move away from there.
guest103:  pronto
guest105:  i can’t
ChaimAmalek:  Why not?
ChaimAmalek:  Living with her is too much temptation
guest105:  my work is here
ChaimAmalek:  Yeah, but in that apartment?
guest105:  very true
ChaimAmalek:  Simply not having to see her in her undies when hubby is not around itself will be a huge boost
ChaimAmalek:  Get another place to live
guest103:  live on a park bench if you have to
ChaimAmalek:  What sort of work do you do that keeps you in West Virginia?
guest105:  it’s jst me and her here now he is at work
ChaimAmalek:  Go to the bathroom and jerk off a few times, then move out
guest105:  i don’t want to be a bad friend
ChaimAmalek:  Good, then move out.
ChaimAmalek:  How old are you?
guest105:  25
ChaimAmalek:  You don’t need a room mate at 25, not in West Virginia
ChaimAmalek:  Or find another one in another apartment
guest105:  why is that
ChaimAmalek:  The place is cheap, right?
ChaimAmalek:  What do you do there?
ChaimAmalek:  Student?
guest105:  not as cheap as you think
ChaimAmalek:  Just move.
guest103:  temptation  temptation temptatiion temptation temptation temptation temptation
guest105:  your right
guest105:  i have to leave before some thing happens
ChaimAmalek:  Short term: jerk off.  Longer term: move out
ChaimAmalek:  Use one sin to fight another.
ChaimAmalek:  A concept not to be found in the Torah, but which is to be found here
guest103:  that is profound
guest105:  what is the torah
ChaimAmalek:  I just wish some women were here to be impressed with my profundity
guest103:  profundity is thy middle name
ChaimAmalek:  G105, what is it that you do in WVA?
guest105:  ty 4 your help
ChaimAmalek:  I’m trying to get a sense for what keeps people in that state.
User guest105 left the room.
ChaimAmalek:  Well that took care of that problem.  NEXT!
ChaimAmalek:  You got problems?  I have answers.
guest103:  he left you for his best friends wife
ChaimAmalek:  Sins to counter other sins.
ChaimAmalek:  I am pretty sure that is contrary to something I read in the ten commandments
ChaimAmalek:  And explicity so

I cut loose with some amazing dance moves live on my cam.

They amazed Jew and goy alike.

ChaimAmalek:  This could be a new book: "Countersinning: How to Practice Jew-Jitsu on the Devil"
LeahKleim:  I feel like s**t
guest103:  leah are you shikur ???
ChaimAmalek:  Tell me why
LeahKleim:  because its memorial day
LeahKleim:  Levi,  WTF are u listening too ?
ChaimAmalek:  Yeah, about those lungs….stop abusing them.  I have read that smoking multiplies your chances of getting several horrible diseases
guest103:  you are smokin hot leah but your lungs are compromised
LeahKleim:  no there not, y doc sent me for an X-ray a few months ago, there fine
ChaimAmalek:  Yeah, remember that woman I was talking about?  I dumped her because of her disgusting smoking
ChaimAmalek:  Yes, today, but what about tomorrow?
LeahKleim:  well u dont have to dump me
ChaimAmalek:  Smokers are healthy until they are not
LeahKleim:  Levi WTF !!!
LeahKleim:  This is not yidishe music !
LeahKleim:  play some avremel fried
ChaimAmalek:  He’s not yiddishe
guest103:  luke come out – let me buy you that new suit for shul
LeahKleim:  he’s a meshugine
ChaimAmalek:  He’s psyching himself up for one of his sad attempts to monetize his web site
guest103:  ganz meshugeh
LeahKleim:  duz is nisht a ididshe neshoma !
ChaimAmalek:  Remember to throw in a black hat
guest103:  oy & he can’t dance to boot
ChaimAmalek:  Leah, I want you to stop smoking and to cut back on the drinking
LeahKleim:  no
ChaimAmalek:  Otherwise no lovin’ from me to you
LeahKleim:  its my diet program
LeahKleim:  hes freakin losing it
LeahKleim:  LIVE !
ChaimAmalek:  He’s psyching himself up
LeahKleim:  for nothing
guest103:  dizzy my head is spinning like a worlpool it never ends & its you girl gettin me dizzy
LeahKleim:  he s a loon
guest103:  gay man playing gay music dancing like gay man
LeahKleim:  its sefiras hamoer you goy 1

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