Getting Into My Life

Though I present a facade of openness on my blog, I’m as wary as the next bloke about letting people into my life.

Here are some ways people typically disqualify themselves from entering my life:

* Presuming too much. Just because I’ll discuss a sensitive topic on my blog doesn’t mean that it is any less sensitive to me.

* Bad grammar, spelling, punctuation, manners, social skills.

Here’s the number one way people I don’t know enter my life — they command my respect or they make me laugh.

Once a person starts entering my life, I might start feeling unsafe. "Danger! Danger! Danger!" might ring through my head. I’ll respond by clamming up and withdrawing. Sometimes I’ll be pushed to explain myself, typically by a woman I’ve just slept with. Once I give the impression of fear, once I say, "I think you’re dangerous," I’m sunk.

Once you’ve given someone the tag of "dangerous," you’re screwed. They’ll live up to that title.

Fatal Attraction.

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