Leah Kleim Pictures

Here are the more tznious ones:

Me pregnant with my first baby, at Astroland.
Me and my sister Rivka Devora Kleim in camp Emunah.
Me at 18 sucking down a 40 in Crown Heights.
Me and my sister Rivka Devorah Kleim when we were Yeshiva Ohr Elchonon students.
Frum Bochur.

My sister Gaby, who died.
My parents with me and my cousin Rachel at 770.

 My first B-day.

Leah Kleim at 17 in the Brooklyn botanical gardens.
Leah Kleim and Frum Bochur. I was 18.
Me and Frum Bochur at Astroland when I was pregnant with my first baby.
Leah Kleim, at 3 years old.

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