My Worst Experience At Delice

I’ve been going there for two years.

It’s a delicious kosher restaurant on Pico Blvd just east of La Cienega.

It’s a popular hang out for frum Jews.

I take my cheap dates there.

I usually order the same thing — the number five sandwich. It’s advertised as just bread and cheese but they usually stick some fresh tomato and cucumber in there. It’s good.

Today I was meeting a new friend. To celebrate, I thought I’d try the lunch special — half a sandwich, half a salad, a soft drink and mini pastries — al for $10.

Well, the beautiful girl behind the counter — the only person behind the counter at 12:40 pm — didn’t have a clue about her own restaurant’s lunchtime special. So I got charged $25 and only got a sandwich and a coke for myself and my guest.

I was too timid to sort out the problem. I insisted several times that I wanted the lunch special but she didn’t have a clue what that was and I felt so uncomfortable that i just gave up and took what was given me.

I didn’t want to appear to be Luking her down in front of my new friend.

PS: I got this fax:

My name is Julien Bohbot and I am the owner of Delice Bakery and the newly opened Delice Bistro restaurant. I would like to apologize to the customer who had a bad experience today at the bakery. First, I would like to give you a credit at your next visit for the inconvenience. Second, I would like to let you know that the employee in question this morning was a new hire and the other supervising employee was on break for five minutes. As you know, we are very customer-focused and take all measures to ensure customer satisfaction with both our products and our service.

That rocks!

Joe emails:

Strike while the iron is hot.

And maybe do some mutually beneficial stuff, like, you could ask questions or do little contests where the first person to give you the correct answer or to win the contest gets lunch on you, with you, at Delice.

P.S. You might want to point out that you’re talking about Delice, the bakery and coffee shop, rather than the new Delice French restaurant opened next door by the owner of the original Delice.

P.P.S. Talk to Julien about that Villaraigosa plan to change the lanes on Pico and Olympic Blvd–as you’ll recall from the LA Times story I sent you about it a while ago, he was one of the people quoted.

Jane emails: "My 411 on Delice Bakery – before you kiss up to them too much – I was there over Pesach to purchase chametz free baked goods – the prices weren’t marked on the items. The guy behind the counter was practically calling the shots, the lady in front of me in line made a scene saying no wonder every says they’re rip offs…so when it came to my turn I asked to purchase those small log cakes – he said $25 and for a small container of cookies also $25 – there were people behind me so I didn’t want to say anything and paid $50 for the two small items. Then I went across the street to the Glatt store – the same exact cake was $9.99."

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