Stop The Hymen Holocaust!

It’s my favorite name for a punk rock band.

They are pretty hardcore.

Check them out on YouTube.

Here’s their myspace and website.

These guys will be my Air Supply for the new millenia.

I am disturbed, however, by this band’s distance from G-d.

I’m thinking of starting my own band dedicated to Dennis Prager and ethical monotheism. I’ll call it, "Neither A Pupil Nor A Friend."

We’ll play a combination of hard rock Scorpions-style with our title hit and some love ballads Air Supply-style such as "Why The Jews? The Reason For Anti-Semitism."

From No Escape Records:

Hymen Holocaust is a solo necro-gore project from Morris "Cliteater" who wanted to have another "band" besides Cliteater. It all started in 2005 when some lyrics were written just for fun. Having an extreme interest in gore grind musick it had to lead that way. No blast beats, just raw, filthy and downtuned groovy stuff was the intention. After a few months some riffing was done and ideas came up to build a couple of tracks. While recording them it all turned out to be better than expected so some more tracks were written within a short time and 8 tracks were a fact. No Escape Records from Australia seemed to be interested in releasing this sick and perverted stuff and a deal was made quite soon. The debut album "Necromance" saw the light of day in February 2006. The follow up "Blood Feast" has been recorded and will be released in October 2006 by No Escape Records as well.

Hymen Holocaust

Blood Feast

Necromance CD

Here’s a shot of c—punt from my cam chat:

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