I’m The Only Convert To Judaism Who Actively Seeks Out Anti-Semites

I call it outreach.

You might call it betrayal.

Anyway, the natives are restless in my chat room:

Gina:  Luke claims I’m a tease
Gina:  he knows me so well
palestine4ever:  Gina, what is your relationship with Luke?
Gina:  didn’t know we had 1
palestine4ever:  How do you know him and why?
Gina:  mostly in our minds
Gina:  why not?
Gina:  he’s my cousin
Gina:  kissin
YourMoralLeader:  Happy Birthday Emma!
Gina:  doesn’t Emma seem more mature Luke?
palestine4ever:  She’s damaged goods at 20.
palestine4ever:  In my country, women past 19 can be had for an electric sewing machine.
palestine4ever:  What the "frick"?
nicolletista:  i think it’s outrageous that luke spoke of an ex-episcopal priest
YourMoralLeader:  Emma, Greatness comes to those who take it.
palestine4ever:  That’s a sign you’ve been spending too much time with children.
nicolletista:  sir, i remind you that the current episcopal bishop of new hampshire is gay
palestine4ever:  Nic, I share your outrage.
nicolletista:  i knew i could count on you p4e
WELSHDRAGON:  warming up here!!1
palestine4ever:  I’ve been vexxed with Luke since I woke up and saw five posts shilling for clients
nicolletista:  yeah i know the guy is DESPERATE but realy luke
Gina:  ya but admit it your computer IS running faster
nicolletista:  and i DO love my new handbag
nicolletista:  but that being said
palestine4ever:  I do not understand how this is better than humble but demeaning work at the McDonalds
Gina:  and my new bra
palestine4ever:  No, Gina, unlike the POSEUR in the shirt I have a mac so his crazy spyware affiliate progs do not work
nicolletista:  but it’s the fake VOICE that kills me
nicolletista:  the thing i love about levi’s jounalism is that he DID NOT FAKE ANYTHING
palestine4ever:  It’s like listening to a kid tell his Aunt Helen that he loves her
nicolletista:  you can call him a piece of s**t, a kike, a fake kike…he PRINTS IT and LOVES IT
nicolletista:  but this crap?  c’mon!
palestine4ever:  50% of the content today is advertising
Gina:  I actually have an Aunt Helen, and I never professed my love
nicolletista:  this is why i can’t believe idiot union…what could possibly be more humiliating than what he admits to every day?
palestine4ever:  We can all live with the ads — I even click to support the humble brudda — but that’s troubling
nicolletista:  duplicity?  please!
nicolletista:  i hit the tip button myself
nicolletista:  i just can’t believe he isn’t about this
palestine4ever:  Yes, and he’s surrounded by enablers.
palestine4ever:  Not one of them shared my furious outrage.
nicolletista:  p4e what are we going to do with young levi over there
palestine4ever:  They’re like, "that’s our Levi!"
nicolletista:  "oh, that scamp"
palestine4ever:  They have no thought of reforming his character in a stern but loving way.
nicolletista:  don’t they realize that luke is ENDANGERING THE BRAND
palestine4ever:  Exactly
nicolletista:  i read the interview with stephen bloom–great stuff
palestine4ever:  If I preach the Gospel of Luke and that person got sick of it and finally checked it out — what if they visited today?
Gina:  Breaking News:  CNN reports that gas stations will start showing PORN movies on the screens of the pumps so that you can see someone else get screwed at the same time you do.
palestine4ever:  I have a reputation to uphold as a Website Recommender.
nicolletista:  now i’m like, maybe he’s gonna try to sell me a prada knockoff
palestine4ever:  Luke, people that love you do so because you take no prisoners.
palestine4ever:  I would even call it courage
nicolletista:  i mean luke is the only convert to judaism in the world who ACTIVELY SEKKS OUT ANTI SEMITES…
nicolletista:  and enjoys it!
palestine4ever:  In a small and meek way

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