‘It’s a white delusion that inside every third worlder is a liberal ex-Episcopal priest waiting to get out’

The California Supreme Court’s legalization of same-sex marriage is great news for Republicans this November. Voters will turn out in droves to overturn this decision.

If I were a homo, I wonder which of the rabbis who’ve rejected me would I most want to marry?

I can only love someone who’s rejected me.

From my live cam chat:

ClareQuilty:  Good afternoon.
ClareQuilty:  I see you are wearing a t-shirt with a product placement on it.  I hope you are being compensated for this
ClareQuilty:  For you sake, and not merely the meretricious concerns that concern us all.
ClareQuilty:  For if you are giving it away to the gentile Jobs, how can you truly be Jewish?
ClareQuilty:  The rabbis of the orthodox world will not answer this in the desired way.
ClareQuilty:  I hear emergency vehicles
ClareQuilty:  Or merely Mexicans doing their work for the Anglo?
YourMoralLeader:  merely mexicans
ClareQuilty:  Luke, I see that men may now marry other men in  California.
YourMoralLeader:  This is great news for Republicans. Massive backlash at the ballot in November.
ClareQuilty:  If you were that way, which of your former rabbis would you now want to take in holy matrimony
ClareQuilty:  I don’t see the Hispanics pining for gay marriage
ClareQuilty:  It’s a white delusion that inside every third worlder is a liberal ex-Episcopal priest waiting to get out
YourMoralLeader:  brilliant!
ClareQuilty:  Your standards are low.
ClareQuilty:  Why aren’t we rich?
ClareQuilty:  Why why why?
ClareQuilty:  This is what some Russkie woman once asked of me.
ClareQuilty:  If a man can marry another man, why the heck can’t he marry TWO men?
YourMoralLeader:  Because our abilities are not rewarded in the marketplace.
ClareQuilty:  Hence, socialism is for us
ClareQuilty:  How can we make money off of gay marriage?  The Simpsons provided the answer.  You need to get some sort of smicha so that you can marry gay jews to one another.

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