I Just Bought My Very Own CPAP Machine

Here it is!

It is for my sleep apnea. My overnight sleep study revealed my apnea is worst when I am about to fall asleep, which is why I keep waking up gasping for breath, adrenalin racing. Once I’m sleeping solidly, my apnea is not so bad. I slept great one night with a borrowed CPAP.

Khunrum emails: Buddy are you still wearing the leg braces for (forgot what it was)?

I have sleep apnea as well but I don’t use the machine. I don’t use anything. I tried those strips over the nose but I have a Caucasian beak which refuses to flatten. My dentist made me a sort of plastic mouth piece which pushes the jaw forward. That worked rather well until I dreamed I was eating Texas barbeque one night and chewed it to smithereens. I make large noises which keeps my dear wives awake (sometimes). I’ve known many people who have purchased those CPAP devices and gave up after a week or two. Hold on to your receipt, you might want a refund.

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