Leah Kleim Vs. The Daily Yid

About a year ago, the Daily Yid reached out to Leah Kleim to get help sending traffic to his new blog (DailyYid.com).

They met in person but she didn’t realize it at the time. Only after he emailed to identify himself.

The Daily Yid is a father of about eight kids in Williamsburg. He has payos. His first language is Yiddish. He’s unemployed. His late father was rich, according to what the Daily Yid told Leah Kleim.

Leah says the Daily Yid’s emails became disturbing. There was stuff about his sexual preferences. She says he said that he abused his kids.

Last week, I asked the Daily Yid about this accusation.

He said that he told Leah he abused his kids by spending so much time on his blog, not that he did anything nefarious to them.

Leah does not buy that explanation.

She told him to get help or she would expose.

Daily Yid called her a whore.

Their friendship fallout started going online about two weeks ago.

A week ago, the Daily Yid closed his website to avoid exposure.

Leah Kleim cooperated with various Satmars who then posted May 8 the Daily Yid’s guilty emails to DailyYidden.blogspot.com along with his real name, address and phone number.

I’m not going to publish that personal information.

On May 9, that DailyYidden site was closed to the general public but all its info is reposted here: http://vosisneis.blogspot.com/.

The emails were in Yiddish. I understand they were highly embarrassing to the Daily Yid.

Leah has taken to referring to him on her blog as an "alleged child molester."

Aside from his own emails, there is no public evidence I know of that shows the Daily Yid is a predator.

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