Daily Yid A Pawn In Battle Between Rival Satmar Factions?

Yoylish writes:

It’s a long story, Luke:

First Leah Kleim caught a Satmar News web site admin, called the "DailyYid" who was accused of being a Child Molester who abused his children and his wife and others.

Satmar which has 2 rival groups got on his case because DailyYid was of one faction, the Zaloinim and was against the Aronim.

The Aronim Satmar started revealing his identity and caused the DailyYid.com to be forced to close down.

These foolish Satmars were dancing in the streets and announced on their rival site DailyYidden.blogspot.com "Mission Accomplished" that they closed down DailyYid the abuser.

Further more they said that they are "so nice" that they will close down their own site which displayed all the dirt on DailyYid Satmar.

However these darn fools conveniently forgot "forgot" that they have failed to get the child molester arrested!!!!???

Another Whistle Blower, captured all the negative against the DailyYid and preserved the stupidity of Satmar where they are not even ashamed of themselves to call it "Mission Accomplished: while the Abuser is free to abuse more Satmar children and all they have "accomplished" is to close down a blog.

What fools!

Before they deleted all their foolishness, it was all preserved at the following new blog.


Leah Kleim says: "Daily Yid is too new of a blog to matter or have impact, just recently he started getting 1,000 hits a day, when he first contacted me he was lucky to see 250 in a week, I don’t think Satmar or anyone for that matter was on his case about anything."

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