Holly Randall Gets Naked Again

 Luzdedos1:  what’s new with you?
 HollyRandall:  oh, you know..
 HollyRandall:  just busy as hell
 HollyRandall:  prepping all the images for my book
 HollyRandall:  which is a really tedious job
 Luzdedos1:  yay
 Luzdedos1:  cant wait to show my dad
 HollyRandall:  getting ready for my shoot in 2 weeks, which of course i’m nervous about
 HollyRandall:  but i’ve lost a lot of weight so that’s good– just not enough (for me) of course
 Luzdedos1:  gonna get naked?
 HollyRandall:  yeah
 Luzdedos1:  let me shoot you
 HollyRandall:  but again, just implied nudity
 HollyRandall:  you won’t see anything
 Luzdedos1:  with my pet wombat
 HollyRandall:  lol yeah right– like i’d let the COD near me without my clothes on
 Luzdedos1:  be not afraid

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