Things You Learn In Chat

People from shuls I attend have been coming into my chat room. They know me but I don’t know them.

"Doesn’t that drive you crazy?" asked one. "I know who you are but you don’t know who I am."

"That’s the life I chose," I responded.

"Most people at shul like and respect you," said one chatter.

That’s good. I often feel like a nuclear bomb could land on me in shul and nobody else would be effected — such is the distance between me and others.

Maybe it’s just the psychic distance I feel. After all, as Rabbi Joseph Telushkin said, when you gossip about people, it increases your psychic distance from others.

But I don’t gossip about people I daven with. I don’t like tension in my own home. I’m all for shalom bayit. And when I do gossip, it is all publicly on my blog and for the sake of Heaven and I’m always in my chat room to discuss it.

Says a chatter: "Well, obviously those people who "hate" you, haven’t had to privilege to have the fascinating conversations I’ve had with you."

Don’t let them know about my soft sensitive side!

"I’ve got your back."

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