Should Rabbinic Judges In A Business Dispute Have Business Expertise?

Or is it sufficient that they know Jewish law and the Talmud and related commentaries and codes?

I’ve heard complaints that the judges on the RCC’s Beit Din have no business expertise and it shows when they try to judge such disputes.

Another problem is that major philanthropists to RCC-approved causes are not likely to be disappointed in their Beit Din disputes.

The RCC has been battling since its inception to take over rabbinic leadership in California. They have the support of most of L.A.’s major Orthodox rabbis. Once you’ve got the rabbinate, the rest of observant Jewry follow and the pulpit rabbis have a nice country club running things.

Kishke writes:

Your insinuation makes no sense, as no one can force anyone to have their case heard in a particular Beis Din. Anyone summoned to the RCC B.D. can demand that it be heard in another court if they wish.

I don’t know much about RCC, but the fact that they refused to convert you argues heavily in their favor.

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