Time Warner’s Lousy Phone Support Is Not Meeting My Needs And It’s Left Me Feeling Frustrated And Tingly

I get my phone, cable, and internet through Time Warner.

Their phone support sucks.

I sent off this: "How do I access my voice mail on my home phone when I am away from home? Also, about a third of the time, I have an unbelievable amount of static on my line. I’ve checked my phone, changed my phone, and nothing has changed. What should I do?"

I got back this:

Hello Luke,
For general instructions and information on how to use Time Warner
Digital Phone Voicemail, please visit our online documentation at the
following web site:


That would be fine except there is no page there. It’s a dead link they sent me.

Menachem emails: "Hi Luke, I understand that you are experiencing trouble accessing your voice mail. My family also has Time Warner. I must agree there phone support sucks as most of their service does. What I would recommend is to when you hear your message hit the asterisk (*) then follow the instruction I believe you have to hit your telephone access code."

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