I’m Live On My Cam!

From my live cam chat:

GoldmanSaxaphone:  Is there a pishke here?
GoldmanSaxaphone:  I wish to contribute
GoldmanSaxaphone:  You have brought me closer to Christ than any web site, and I think it is because of the music
GoldmanSaxaphone:  Today’s question:  Why did the British Empire implode as quickly as it did at the close of WW 2?
GoldmanSaxaphone:  I know I’m not the only one who comes here for the find liturgical music.
GoldmanSaxaphone:  I am well, but worried
GoldmanSaxaphone:  Shrinking dollar
GoldmanSaxaphone:  A man with a child-like faith in open markets and open borders in our White House, with worse in the wings

GoldmanSaxaphone:  I find that as the dollar shrinks, so too do I
GoldmanSaxaphone:  Also, I am in competition with the Euros of the world
GoldmanSaxaphone:  They make me feel small
AyeCaramba:  I brought my checkbook Luke
GoldmanSaxaphone:  Shrinkage is about more than just cold
Emma:  How was Shul Luke?
YourMoralLeader:  good
AyeCaramba:  looks like you bathed today. Is it a Jewish holiday or something?
YourMoralLeader:  lolo
GoldmanSaxaphone:  I was chatting with a lady at a bar the other evening, when I found myself unable to summon up the currency of social intercourse in amounts necessary to do what I wanted
AyeCaramba:  you sound emotionally broke goldman
GoldmanSaxaphone:  I will recover with the dollar
GoldmanSaxaphone:  And if not, I will take everyone down with me
User AyeCaramba changed their name to Guest117.
Guest117:  Now I’ll have your attention
GoldmanSaxaphone:  I am starting a new hedge fund for bloggers
GoldmanSaxaphone:  This is an opportunity to make one dollar do the work of twenty
GoldmanSaxaphone:  We will invest in Luftmeschen futures
Guest117:  we definitely need a blogger hedgefund
YourMoralConfusion:  nice leather!
Guest117:  I hear Luke has come upon a windfall
Guest117:  he needs a way to make this money count
YourMoralConfusion:  he turned off the sound because he’s talking to holly randall
GoldmanSaxaphone:  And why not?  It is time to properly monetize the hard work of men like Luke
YourMoralLeader:  yep
Guest117:  "the hard work of men like luke?"
GoldmanSaxaphone:  Men who deal in ideas to the exclusion of concern with money, still need to be schooled in money
Guest117:  what does Holly’s voice sound like Luke? Like honey flowing over warm pebbles in a meadow of flowers, I bet
GoldmanSaxaphone:  Yes, this man is at his keyboard all day long and night, going to more Jewish temples and boring lectures given by writers of minimal talent than should be tasked to any man
GoldmanSaxaphone:  Holly’s voice can sound a bit coarse these days.
GoldmanSaxaphone:  But she is a sweetheart.
YourMoralConfusion:  depends on whether she’s been drinkng
GoldmanSaxaphone:  I previously counseled Luke to make a serious play for her.  She has it all
GoldmanSaxaphone:  In her, he would have everything that a man needs to be happy in life, all without having to leave home.
User YourMoralConfusion changed their name to YourMoralTorpitude.
GoldmanSaxaphone:  If it had been me, I would have contrived to have sexual intercourse with her sans any birth control while she was ovulating.
GoldmanSaxaphone:  Guest117, you are truly an angel
GoldmanSaxaphone:  As are most of you
YourMoralTorpitude:  thanks dude
Guest117:  All of Lukes guests are angels
YourMoralTorpitude:  angels of doom
Guest117:  wow he put on a pigskin jacket
GoldmanSaxaphone:  I will turn your money into more money plus good deeds.
GoldmanSaxaphone:  Nothing will be wasted.
Guest117:  Music Luke- we need music
GoldmanSaxaphone:  Play some early eighties mellow music
YourMoralTorpitude:  more Air Supply and Dennis Praeger!!
YourMoralTorpitude:  those two mean parrrrrtttaaaaayyyy!
GoldmanSaxaphone:  This music makes me feel . . . British.
GoldmanSaxaphone:  As though I had a footman
YourMoralTorpitude:  it makes me feel sleepy
Guest117:  for a frenchman that must feel strange
GoldmanSaxaphone:  This is the music of international finance.
GoldmanSaxaphone:  I dream that I am a gentile when I hear this music
YourMoralTorpitude:  then you go out and get drunk?
Guest117:  You’ve drawn a fresher crowd today Luke. It’s the smell of newfound success, I tell you. Nothing like the aroma of freshly minted greenery to liven a chatroom up
Emma:  lol
GoldmanSaxaphone:  No, I read one of those goyishe books that they wrote a hundred years ago, when the British ruled India
GoldmanSaxaphone:  Indeed!
YourMoralTorpitude:  EM Forster, yes
GoldmanSaxaphone:  Yes, or, when I am in a manly mood,  Kipling
GoldmanSaxaphone:  When I hear Kipling, my chest puffs out
GoldmanSaxaphone:  It’s good to be an Englishman in 1910.
Guest117:  Smile Luke I’m saving this chat for posterity
GoldmanSaxaphone:  If I had an English wife, I think I would make her take the name "Emma"
YourMoralTorpitude:  "O it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ "Tommy, go away";"
GoldmanSaxaphone:  And its "killer of the nation" when the liberals begin to brey
Guest117:  and all the coppers are Bobby…its offputting
GoldmanSaxaphone:  No guns and few Wogs
GoldmanSaxaphone:  Yes, in 1910 the White Man ruled the world.
User guest188 left the room.
GoldmanSaxaphone:  I am working on a new version of the Torah.
Guest117:  good GS- it could stand a freshening up
GoldmanSaxaphone:  It will reconcile all the contradictory statements left over by its previous authors, and be wholly consonant with modern scientific thought
Guest117:  next you might have a talk with the Pope
GoldmanSaxaphone:  Also, I am starting up a new Sanhedrin.  Nicky, would you like to be a member of the Sanhedrin?
YourMoralTorpitude:  a new sanhedrin sounds cool
nicky:  YES PLEASE
GoldmanSaxaphone:  You will get to boss people around in it
User guest179 left the room.
GoldmanSaxaphone:  Are you up for that?
GoldmanSaxaphone:  It will have 71 members
GoldmanSaxaphone:  But you have to join in pairs. Now, with whom might you be paired?
YourMoralLedger:  Has someone passed away? I seem to hear funeral music
nicky:  WHOS FREE
Emma:  lol
YourMoralLedger:  me nicky- I am free
GoldmanSaxaphone:  Emma, maybe you would like to be a comember with Nicky
YourMoralLedger:  maybe not free but I’ll go on credit
Emma:  Or maybe not…
User nicky left the room.
GoldmanSaxaphone:  Best wishes to all of you in life.
User GoldmanSaxaphone left the room.

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