The Back Story On Daniel Arnall’s Rabbinic Ordination

Daniel has money because he’s the son of the godfather of subprime — Roland Arnall.

Around 1999, Daniel decided that he wanted to be known as a rabbi. He was davening at Young Israel of Century City at the time and so he went to Rabbi Elazar Muskin and asked for ordination.

Rabbi Muskin said no. He didn’t give rabbinic ordination.

Daniel went semicha (ordination) shopping. He eventually got one from Rabbi Abner Weiss who insisted that it was only symbolic and that Daniel was not authorized to decide questions of Jewish law.

Daniel said F U to Rabbi Muskin and started davening at Beth Jacob.

Rabbi Weiss went on to divorce the wife of his youth and marry her good friend, a congregant of his for many years. "He has balls to come back to town," is a common response.

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