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watchingyoublog:  lukey, that was meant to be
watchingyoublog:  omg u look…. interesting tonight
watchingyoublog:  the camera showed you disappear with a cool effect
watchingyoublog:  congrats on your new job
RussianDragon:  aha interesting
guest623:  so you’re next to Cedars, right?
watchingyoublog:  hush?
torahtorahtorah:  I’d like to give it a Coke
watchingyoublog:  r u talking to me?
watchingyoublog:  r u calling me "baby"?
torahtorahtorah:  I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille
YourMoralLeader:  ok
watchingyoublog:  awwwwww
watchingyoublog:  yea i came in several times but you weren’t around
guest623:  what are you eating?
watchingyoublog:  no i am somewhat flattered. strangely. probably unhealthily
torahtorahtorah:  makes KSEX look good
watchingyoublog:  yea
watchingyoublog:  i have been davening
watchingyoublog:  praying for a suitable mate
RussianDragon:  he was attenting to the needs of jewish soccermoms
torahtorahtorah:  JMILFs
RussianDragon:  yup
watchingyoublog:  it is developing
watchingyoublog:  actually i read about that book you read called godfiles
watchingyoublog:  but it’s not in my library
torahtorahtorah:  CXXX is going to be doing a new series based on that premise
RussianDragon:  birds = jmilfs
torahtorahtorah:  I went to Mr. Carpenter’s door once
torahtorahtorah:  my friends mom was a celebrity stalker
torahtorahtorah:  and he lived in Burbank
torahtorahtorah:  Karen was already DOA
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watchingyoublog:  i want to go to sleep it is 9 pm here
watchingyoublog:  i am tired
watchingyoublog:  you know my dirty little secret?
watchingyoublog:  i troll craigslist casual encounters section
watchingyoublog:  i just read it and it gets me off
watchingyoublog:  not physically, but like mentally
guest625:  Luke, can you tell us what the word "moral" means?
watchingyoublog:  know what i mean?
torahtorahtorah:  you just read it or submit fake ads?
watchingyoublog:  i just read it and ponder the male brain
watchingyoublog:  i am a woman
torahtorahtorah:  I had sex with craigslist hookers, that was pretty fun
watchingyoublog:  like the different tacks people take
watchingyoublog:  some of them are like "take this dick baby" or "i want to f**k your brains out"
watchingyoublog:  wait a sec is this pg rated?
YourMoralLeader:  no
watchingyoublog:  and some of them try other tack like, i just want to lick your pussy
guest625:  How old are you Luke?
watchingyoublog:  or i just want to massage you
watchingyoublog:  and some of them go the bdsm route
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watchingyoublog:  i want to make you my slut and abuse you
torahtorahtorah:  sounds like a plan
watchingyoublog:  and some of them try to gain your sympathy with things like "my gf cheated on me" or "i am about to get married and want one last fling"
torahtorahtorah:  pretty pathetic
watchingyoublog:  i find it fascinating
watchingyoublog:  and then if you go into women seeking men, most are hookers
watchingyoublog:  i read postings from different cities and try to see differences in overall messages
torahtorahtorah:  how old are you then?
Aussie:  wheres luke
torahtorahtorah:  I have an intersting observation about voice mail boxes
torahtorahtorah:  regional differences
torahtorahtorah:  the kind that you can rent on a monthly basis
watchingyoublog:  also interesting is to go to the ny cl and google "frum" in "all personals"
torahtorahtorah:  what’s frum?
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watchingyoublog:  religious jewish orthodox
torahtorahtorah:  I ate a jewish girl’s pussy once
watchingyoublog:  did it taste kosher?
watchingyoublog:  i ate a non jewish girls pussy once
torahtorahtorah:  pretty mild, just like a typical vagina, I guess
torahtorahtorah:  I massaged her feet while she spoke to her mother on the phone
torahtorahtorah:  you are right about those personals
torahtorahtorah:  I actually have an orthodox synagogue in my building
User guest627 changed their name to jackwad.
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torahtorahtorah:  close to Luke
watchingyoublog:  so luke what is going on in your life?
torahtorahtorah:  can I come over and smoke a bowl on your cam?
watchingyoublog:  tell us about your day
torahtorahtorah:  this frum sex stuff has twisted my mind
torahtorahtorah:  what are you driving nowadays?
torahtorahtorah:  I used to have a Dodge Dart
torahtorahtorah:  hi GUAPO
GUAPO:  what it do
torahtorahtorah:  luke is going on a date tonight
torahtorahtorah:  hi gia
theactualgiajordan:  hiiii and hi guapo
GUAPO:  got real lonely in the crib so thought id come chill wit luke
watchingyoublog:  what is an alternate search engine to google
torahtorahtorah:  luke has a hot date tonight
theactualgiajordan:  hellz yeah
theactualgiajordan:  get your drank on in the hovel
torahtorahtorah:  have you been there, gia?
theactualgiajordan:  luke, is ‘i’m tore up’ your jam?
torahtorahtorah:  he has the lid on
GUAPO:  is that you gia
theactualgiajordan:  f**k no.  i’ve never been to luke’s
theactualgiajordan:  whoa.  there’s a built-in censor on this thing for swear words
watchingyoublog:  f**k f**k f**k
watchingyoublog:  yea
watchingyoublog:  f**k f**k f**k f**k
watchingyoublog:  f**kity f**k
theactualgiajordan:  c**k c**t b**ch
theactualgiajordan:  whoa
watchingyoublog:  pussy
watchingyoublog:  ooh
torahtorahtorah:  mon*
watchingyoublog:  dick
GUAPO:  luke you gonna do this for the rest of your days son?
watchingyoublog:  crap
watchingyoublog:  haha
torahtorahtorah:  I appreciate being tipped off to this room
theactualgiajordan:  this is ksex 2.0
watchingyoublog:  i’m having fun with your moral censoring
watchingyoublog:  sex
torahtorahtorah:  indeed
watchingyoublog:  fornication
GUAPO:  why yuo so cold blooded with your nigga lately gia
watchingyoublog:  f**king
torahtorahtorah:  felching
watchingyoublog:  shtupping
watchingyoublog:  it doesn’t understand yiddish
torahtorahtorah:  w-a-n-k is censored
torahtorahtorah:  w**kus
theactualgiajordan:  luke told me he wanted to feel oppressed
watchingyoublog:  w**k
torahtorahtorah:  luke is like the reverse ceara lynch
watchingyoublog:  b**ch
Emma:  Hey Luke..
theactualgiajordan:  he buys turds?
theactualgiajordan:  brb.  my work called
torahtorahtorah:  well, people crave CL
torahtorahtorah:  Luke, not so much
GUAPO:  luke you meet any real life hoes after the chat
watchingyoublog:  have you scored any b**ches?
YourMoralLeader:  not from chat yet
GUAPO:  you one hella chat muf**ker luke
watchingyoublog:  who were so turned on by your laying tefilin they couldn’t resist?

nicholas:  I see orange things.
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ChaimAmalek:  The photo onto which his cam is trained is of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem
nicholas:  cool
nicholas:  does "resting" mean that Luke has gone to bed, or the floor, or whatever he calls it
ChaimAmalek:  One cannot be certain.
ChaimAmalek:  Security reasons preclude his divulging more detailed information.
nicholas:  I missed Eliot Stein last night.
nicholas:  Probably a good thing.
ChaimAmalek:  Yeah.
ChaimAmalek:  First Eliot Stein, then Eliot Spitzer.  Now who is going to want to name his kid Eliot?
nicholas:  So, Chaim, you’re in New York City?
ChaimAmalek:  Yes
nicholas:  cool
nicholas:  how’s the diet?
ChaimAmalek:  No, not really.  I’m too poor for this town
nicholas:  Last I heard you were 350lbs.
ChaimAmalek:  I’m afraid that I still have quite a ways to go.
nicholas:  at least you can afford to eat.
ChaimAmalek:  I’d have lost it all if only I had had the love of a good woman to back me up.  But Holly made it quite plain that she was not interested in me
ChaimAmalek:  I eat many potatoes and sacks of rice.
ChaimAmalek:  I rely on the roaches within for the protein
nicholas:  Holly is kinda slutty, methinks.
nicholas:  Not a good match.
ChaimAmalek:  I will defend her honor.
ChaimAmalek:  Certainly, in all of my dealings with her, she has not been in the least slutty.
User JesusC left the room.
ChaimAmalek:  In fact, with respect to me, she is rather chaste.
nicholas:  But she freely admits to being a free spirit. But I guess not with you.
ChaimAmalek:  As are all women with whom I have had congress.
ChaimAmalek:  I can make a practical virgin of any woman.
nicholas:  cool
ChaimAmalek:  It is late, and certain mitzvahs take forever to do.  Good evening to all.

s web cam page about?
hippichik:  i dont know
roz:  is it about religion
hippichik:  guess u need to check out his web page to find out
roz:  just been there just brings me back here
hippichik:  hes too busy right now whats on his site
hippichik:  moral things?
hippichik:  hes acting a little crazy right now
hippichik:  hey there moral leader
hippichik:  what r u doing and whats that on the back of your head
YourMoralLeader:  hi
roz:  i think its about the jewish religion
hippichik:  hello!
hippichik:  what in the world r u doing moral
User alan left the room.
roz:  are you a religion man moral leader
hippichik:  ok i see his head better
roz:  should i say religious
hippichik:  what r u doing moral
hippichik:  u cant be a leader if you dont talk
roz:  im a spiritual person myself but im not religious
hippichik:  ok cool
hippichik:  im spirital like u
YourMoralLeader:  greetings ELS
hippichik:  dont believe in churches
guest750:  wy is thy pian in the world wy do the inisant sugher gods a nut
roz:  religion was invented to control the massess
hippichik:  somebodys gotta do it
hippichik:  its a learning experience good or bad
hippichik:  do u agree moral
roz:  undonditional love is the answer everything else is just an illusion
ElShaddai:  you look a little bloated Luke- is that the lithium?
ElShaddai:  who’s panning tha camera? you should make it user-controllable so we can pan and zoom it around the hovel
ElShaddai:  maybe accept tokens like a jukebox
hippichik:  how old r u moral
hippichik:  ok im 52
GUAPO:  skywalker
GUAPO:  yo luke your boy need some advise
hippichik:  arent u afraid of earthquakes?
User YourMoralEmployer left the room.
hippichik:  isnt the big one coming
ElShaddai:  Luke when do you blog? You don;t look like you;re blogging. Every time I come in here you are drinking urinelike fluids and talking on your webcam
hippichik:  hey man do u listen to coast to coast talk show
hippichik:  art bell
ElShaddai:  ah okay- so you;re saying this is your break? Like when the mexicans sit down at 10am and have a soda and a burrito?
hippichik:  george noory
hippichik:  ill leave u alone now moral nice meeting u
hippichik:  may the cyber Gods be with u brother

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