Roland Arnall Memorial Service At Sinai Temple 1 PM

Roland Arnall was the godfather of subprime lending and Shalhevet’s major benefactor.

He left behind a wife and a blind son in Pico/Robertson who claims to be a rabbi.

Steve Katz emails:

I hope you are attending the memorial for Roland Arnall.  If so, you will certainly get your facts right.  If you read any of the numerous obits that ran this past week, you would have known that Roland leaves two children, a son Daniel and a daughter Michelle and a second wife Dawn.  His son is battling Hodgkins Lymphoma and he lives in Beverly Hills near Pico Robertson – perhaps minor points but all contrary to your postings.

Also, Daniel got simicha from Rabbi Abner Weiss that some look down upon, but then again for some the only good simicha is simicha they got or the one their Rabbi got. Despite what many loshan hora mongers say about Rabbi Abner Weiss, he can learn most Rabbaim under the table with one eye closed.

If you are trying to build journalistic credibility, despite your lack of journalistic credentials, a suggestion might be to check your facts before you post.

A simple Google search might be a good and easy place to start.

Joe emails: "I am sure Rabbi Weiss can learn every L.A. rabbi under the table. He figured out how to make himself a non-cohen so he could marry a divorcee! Now that is talent!"

Steve responds: "Please spread the word that the next time people have a Halachik question, they should email Joe, as he is certainly an authority on Jewish law and Jewish gossip."

Jane emails:

Rabbi Daniel Arnall, is a very fine person. He is frum and yet open minded. A very humble person. You could not tell that he is coming from such rich family. A real good soul. He had to overcome many disabilities: learning disabilities, sight issues and a serious medical illness. He exhibits humility, warmth and kindness. I could not pick a better and more authentic Ben Torah for the Chv’ruta learning. Rabbi Arnall is married to a lovely young woman. She is wheelchair bound. They are the parents of the loveliest little boy. To see the love in this home… The home is open to everyone for a Shabbat meal. Rabbi Arnall or Daniel as we all know him, has a sister. She is not frum. He mentioned that when he wanted to encourage some reluctant young student to spend a Shabbat meal with them.

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