Has Hillary Clinton’s Menopause Rendered her Catatonic?

Joe emails: Barack Obama, a U.S. Senator, is a member of a church with a pastor who goes after the state of Israel like he is a hamas jugend. Said pastor goes after the US with all the conspiracy theories of Oliver Stone. Said pastor basically gives free reign to black nationalist anger.

The damage done to the "clean" image of Barack Obama is per se totally fatal. Any member of that church is guilty by association for statements made ex cathedra by that rabbi. How Barack Obama as a US Senator can simply say, well, I may have heard some of this but I condemn it, is a complete joke. He is not some church member with a job at the local Walmart. He is a US Senator. He has obligations regarding political discourse and religious tolerance.

That he can get away with this, without being required to shame Wright completely and to apologize for ever being a member of that church (which he won’t do, you do not apologize for what you do freely if you are the forthright person that Obama is supposed to be), is a complete failure by Hillary Clinton.

One speech by her saying, in essence, my competitor tolerates hate which is intolerable and associates with words that cannot be associated with, and Obama is over. I just do not get it.

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