Losing My Religion

I’ve made a cool new video to REM’s song "Losing My Religion."

I’m live on my cam in chat. Click here. Journalist Evan Gahr is in my chat room, Curious, Smiling Arab, Chaim Amalek, Khunrum and Governor Spritzer! We’re analyzing the MIssissippi election returns.

YourMoralLeader:  i build a pawn defense
YourMoralLeader:  center of board
RussianDragon:  so you probably prefer closed games
RussianDragon:  queens pawn or kings pawn openings?
RussianDragon:  any new ideas for your hovel cam?
RussianDragon:  cabaret act?
RussianDragon:  burlesk?
RussianDragon:  punch and judy
RussianDragon:  uhm guest shows?
RussianDragon:  a Cheryl Shuman show?
RussianDragon:  shalom 2 all
palestine4ever:  allahu akbar to you too, my good Russian Satan
YourMoralLeader:  praise allah!
RussianDragon:  especially the galls and the guys in the settlements
palestine4ever:  Ethical Montheism ftw!
RussianDragon:  yes i am satan for sure
RussianDragon:  good to see you luke
RussianDragon:  great
RussianDragon:  yes
RussianDragon:  don’t sing
palestine4ever:  hey, a little genocide and suicide bombings doesn’t mean we can’t be friends
RussianDragon:  you’ll lose people :p
RussianDragon:  yeah right
palestine4ever:  what can we do to lose your religion that Kendra didn’t already?
palestine4ever:  😀
palestine4ever:  we need more mouthguard
YourMoralLeader:  check out my new video!
palestine4ever:  just as long as you’re aware that Michael Stipe is trying to pull you off to the other team
RussianDragon:  ok
palestine4ever:  mullet luke for the win!
RussianDragon:  i like you with the bondage mask
palestine4ever:  the smile with the lawsuits rules
palestine4ever:  I love that shot
palestine4ever:  could that be… Holly?
RussianDragon:  actually i like the petshop boys 2
RussianDragon:  holly ratball
RussianDragon:  i like her
RussianDragon:  she’s HOT
palestine4ever:  we <3 holly
RussianDragon:  yes we are HUGE fans
palestine4ever:  sure she makes her living in sin but so did that Jesus guy preach to the wicked
RussianDragon:  praise to the gov
palestine4ever:  you’re supposed to get the virgins after you die, guv, not the whores while you live
palestine4ever:  bad guv! bad!
RussianDragon:  he can’t wait
RussianDragon:  gov there are cheaper galls
RussianDragon:  did you know
palestine4ever:  do not forsake the orgies in heaven for the tawdry sluts on earth
GovSpritzel:  Luke which Jewess are you chatting with?
YourMoralLeader:  evan gahr
RussianDragon:  cherry
RussianDragon:  :p
palestine4ever:  that’s not a Jewess
GovSpritzel:  Do you think he’s swallowed a couple of Lavitra yet
palestine4ever:  I feel cheated
Curious:  For real or is it a shiksa?
YourMoralLeader:  I feel love
GovSpritzel:  a Shiksa G-D Forbid
Curious:  again the still frame?  why?
palestine4ever:  hehe
GovSpritzel:  Love or Lust
User guest55 left the room.
palestine4ever:  "G-D"
palestine4ever:  he knows his name you know
RussianDragon:  yes we are VERY cool
Curious:  luke looks like e beatnik
palestine4ever:  that’s why we’re all like "Allah up in this yo"
GovSpritzel:  G-D never take the Lord’s name in vain Goddamnit!
palestine4ever:  How long before CNN calls it?
Curious:  he’s looking very unsavory.  where’s is that nice jewish boy of yesteryear
GovSpritzel:  Who is coming over tonight ?
palestine4ever:  we all get older, Curious
GovSpritzel:  Mary Carey should be out of Rehab by now
palestine4ever:  I think Lucas looks more distinguished with his scraggly beard
Curious:  Yes, who?  And is this a cash transaction?
palestine4ever:  cash’n’carry?
GovSpritzel:  Luke have you phoned Spritzer’s wife for a date yet…she’ll be worth trillions after the settlement
Curious:  Mary Carey needs to go on Celebrity Fit Club.  Lots of calories in all that alcohol.
GovSpritzel:  Kinda cute for an old gal..
palestine4ever:  Mary is a sensitive soul
Curious:  Sensitive and chubby
YourMoralLeader:  I do not look chubby
YourMoralLeader:  I have not been taking my lithium
GovSpritzel:  the beard hides thosr jowls
palestine4ever:  did no one ever think to tell her she doesn’t look remotely like Mariah Carey?
Curious:  No Mary Carey, well, actually, you do look chubby
palestine4ever:  Luke is looking quite wan and strapping

GovSpritzel:  Luke have you taken Lavitra yet…the evening is coming up soon…Jewess’ will be arriving
Curious:  I see moobs (man boobos) on Luke
RussianDragon:  mm he’s having a good day i bet
Curious:  Luke is riding high from Monday’s Levitra
GovSpritzel:  Hey I liked your Video..
palestine4ever:  just as long as he doesn’t start carrying a murse
palestine4ever:  then i gotta step in
GovSpritzel:  and that Roger Jacobs..he went from Skid Row to Green Acres..what a comeback
RussianDragon:  he shouldn’t sing aswell
Curious:  He needs an image consultant for sure
RussianDragon:  yeah great vid luke
palestine4ever:  Rodger Jacobs? Wasn’t he begging for pennies a few months ago?
GovSpritzel:  Luke is that the same T shirt you were wearing yesterday…?
GovSpritzel:  Roger is on the comeback trail…has a new boring site
Curious:  Saving shekles by skipping laundry
GovSpritzel:  but at least he ain’t dead
RussianDragon:  thank god we don’t have smellyvision
User Curious left the room.
GovSpritzel:  I wonder if the Hovel contains an iron?
palestine4ever:  oh jeez, he retires and has more quasi illnesses than Luke

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