I Found Six Hairs On My Chest!

This morning’s shower was very exciting.

LQ emails: Does the six refer to the number of days on which we may do Malachah or is it the number of times either Monica O or Rabbi Ally will turn you down for a date before they realize that you’re their besheret?

You’re the Aussie Jacob who needs his Rachael and Leah.

Please ask Monica O. if there is a Midrashic or Kabbilistic interpretation on having 6 chest hairs.

And does R. Ally agree that your the Aussie Jacob and she’s your Leah?

Luke Ford wants to feel better by Monday night so he can rock Torah talk with Rabbi Rabbs and receive his Ten Commandments of Chabad Jews.

My questions: “What are Levi Ben Avraham, Shlita’s 10 commandments?” “How do they compare with the ones Moses got for free?” “Does R. Rabbs have a new and improved 10 commandments?” “what about R. Ally?” “Does she have any for the bedroom since she graced that topic for us so kindly in her interview?”

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