I’ve Been Dreaming About My Wedding Day

Apikoros Supremacist emails:

Yo Dude, I give you some material and you publish it without giving me your most righteously humble man credit!

Where’s your Torah for all you knock rabbinical officialdom?

I’ll be sending you some more of my photo-wizardry as I’m moved to make some.

That highly-secularized, goyim-marrying Rabbi Ally is super hot. I admire your fastidious adherence to Torah thought through the whole interview. Had I been there, I’d just been thinking about boning her. Luke, you’re a holier and more Yirah Shamaiyam guy than me.

You remind of healers. Healer dispense advise for all kind of physical and mental health issues, but have none of the legal and ethical structures to define the right and wrong way of doing things that doctors and mental health-care professionals have. You are a blogger and not a journalist, so you quote without proper attribution or verification of the facts!

Hell, the more I think about it, you’re a journalist. They do the same du-du.

Alan in the mirror is pro-Zionistic at his best!

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