An Advantage To Being Single

As a single man, I dream of having a great marriage.

If I were married to someone of my level, my dream would be gone. I’d be stuck with reality, with the hard work of making a relationship work. I might very well be stuck in a bad marriage spiraling downhill.

By staying single, one has hope. When you get married, I suspect you lose a lot of hope.

I’ve been in relationships where I felt stuck and disappointed. There was no longer any sexual attraction. The whole thing seemed pointless.

I guess I live in fantasyland much of the time.

As I click around on and send icebreakers, I feel great anxiety. I’m finding people struggling like me. I’m sure they too have hopes of a great marriage. I’m sure they want to be taken out of their humdrum lives and to a higher plane.

On frumster, I confront reality. On other websites, I can dream.

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