When Did It Become The N-Word?

On his radio show today, Dennis Prager says: Laura Schlesinger announced that she would be leaving radio because she had used the n-word.

From what I heard, it was entirely to say that nobody should use the n-word.

She has been pilloried for condemning the use of the n-word.

When did it become the n-word? Everybody allowed to use it on television and on radio. You weren’t allowed to call somebody the n-word because that’s evil but you used the word to describe what people would say.

But it has become the n-word, I have no choice. I write it out when necessary. Some of my publications spell out the entire word, some use n-word.

Dr. Laura said, hey, blacks are using it. That’s wrong. Nobody should use it. And she’s pilloried.

It’s a bad sign for American intellectual life. When American liberals say let’s have an open dialogue about race, it reminds me of when Mao said let a thousand flowers blossom. Then people spoke their mind and he killed people who spoke their mind.

The left says let’s have an open dialogue on race. Then you do and you’re called a racist. People understand you shouldn’t talk honestly about race.

BH posts to FrumSatire: You know what I didn’t like about Dr. Laura? She was just plain mean. Her voice was often filled with negativity and lack of compassion. That is why I now listen to Dennis Prager- he may be a pompous ass, but his message is the same as DL and he goes about it in a much kinder way.

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